Fast and convenient Non KYC off ramp via solana with a large variety of retailers

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    What is SolSpend?


    SolSpend is the first Non-KYC off ramp on Solana that offers a wide variety of worldwide retailers as well as prepaid Mastercard and Visa cards.

    That allows users to pay direct with Solana, while rewarding $SPEND Holders and affiliates 100% of the revenue generated



    Total Supply


    Phase One

    • Beta version release for the SolSpend telegram bot.
    • Integration of Prepaid Visa / Master card support.
    • Seed round.
    • KYC and contract Audit.
    • SolSpend presale listed on Solpad.
    • Partnership announcements.
    • Continuous UI Improvements.

    Phase Two

    • Additional on chain payment methods (BNB / BASE / ETH) will be integrated into the SolSpend Bot.
    • Continued UI and user experience improvements for the SolSpend Bot.

    Phase Three

    • Integration of precious metals purchases directly via the SolSpend Bot.